Tiny giraffe crochet pattern

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  1. Patricia says:

    What about the spots? How do I make them?

  2. jeniffer says:

    how to crochet the scraft

  3. Alejandra Flores says:

    This instructions are not related to the photo. The neck is missing and the horns and ears are too big to fit the head.

    • Lisa Badboy says:

      Did you separate the yarn and use a 1.25 mm hook.
      This may be the difference.
      I will update after I make an ear.

  4. Yy says:

    I found the original creator’s YouTube channel. Instructions are in the description

    Legs and body – https://youtu.be/8nA1knX8YmU
    Head and others – https://youtu.be/bQTKmPyQOH4

  5. miranda grondelaers says:

    hoe maak je sjaal van girafje?

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