Crochet plush bear free pattern

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  1. Jean says:

    How can I print the directions for this free pattern? Thank you

  2. Le clinche says:

    J’aimerais qu’il soit en francais si quelqu’un la en francais je suis preneuse

  3. Julie Shaddick says:

    When do you stuff the legs,arms,head and body

  4. Daniela says:

    Plese translate in italiano linguage

  5. Nela says:

    It is pitty, I think that this patern completely does not correspond to this beautiful bear… 😢

  6. Dona says:

    Need stitches to attach legs and attach arms plz

  7. Biehn says:

    Do you slip stitch at the end of each row?

  8. Sandee Jones says:

    It is sad. The pattern does not turn out anything like the picture. Thankfully I have some experience and used some off my old patterns to fix the bear. Still didn’t turn out like the picture. I should have read the reviews…next time.

  9. Sandee says:

    It is sad. The pattern does not turn out anything like the picture. Thankfully I have some experience and used some off my old patterns to fix the bear. Still didn’t turn out like the picture. I should have read the reviews…next time. 😢

  10. Christina May Zin says:

    Thank you for your kindness❤

  11. Suzanne says:

    Where do we join legs, arms ? On what stitch.

  12. Suzanne says:

    This pattern is not for beginners luckily I am not.

  13. Aleksandra says:

    According to the pattern, the bowl comes out differently than the one in the photo

  14. Jenny H. says:

    I don’t know what you all are complaining about… my bear came out beautiful! I used thicker yarn and a thicker hook and it’s perfect. Idk what you all are doing wrong…

  15. Corrinne Kenyon says:

    Confusing on what stitches to add the legs and arms. Just says to add them to the rows. Any help?

    • North says:

      I did a slight variant of the pattern where on row 8 of the body, I sc 6, dc, added one leg then went halfway around the pattern and added the other. Once it came to the part with the belly I sc 18, st2tog 6, then sc 18.
      As for the arms I added them slightly ahead of the legs and started the first one on a st2tog, then sc 3, and as for the second arm I went around and put it in the same relation as the first to the second by sc 3, then st2tog.

  16. Alice says:

    not impressed with the pattern – head looks more like a saucer than a round head. And muzzle is just a flat piece with three rows. i’ve done a lot of stuffies and this pattern isn’t worth the effort!

    • Marina says:

      Io la museruola e le orecchie le ho fatte un giro più grandi e nella museruola ho messo un pochino di imbottitura . Così mi è venuto bene.

      • MARIE MC CARTHY says:

        Brilliant pattern, just completed teddy,he turned out very well,delighted with him

  17. Betty Doughty says:

    I found it very easy to work up in a very beautiful pattern. I don’t know what all the complaints are except that you aren’t paying attention are you’re a beginner and you don’t know what you’re doing

  18. Boston Williams says:

    This pattern is probably the worst pattern i have ever made. It turned out nothing like the picture. The head, ears and muzzle look very different than what the picture looks like. I was not happy with this at all.

  19. Yolanda Osuna says:

    El patron es exacto a la foto! Muy lindo osito, gracias por compartit

  20. Patsy Tingey says:

    What does F.o. mean on the pattern instructions

  21. Nola says:

    Where are the instructions for putting this together? Had to rework the ears because the pattern ears are too hard to sew on!!!

  22. Louise Cardwell says:

    I’ve made this bear 3 times now with different results. I agree with others that’s it’s not the best pattern and certainly not for a beginner. I think the author needs clearer instructions for some of the pattern especially explaining attaching the arms and the legs and how far apart the eyes need to be. Luckily I have made similar bears before and have the skills to work out where the legs and arms should be added. Failing that you can sew them on after you’ve made the body. The head needs a couple more rows of stitches, else the head is very squat and the ears need at least 1 extra row of 18. The muzzle needs to be squashed in a bit when you are sewing it on to make it look less round and more bear like.

    • Meghan says:

      @Louise Cardwell, you are a lifesaver!! I got so far into this pattern until I started actually looking at my pieces and thinking this will not look like the image – your changes worked great i was able to salvage my project vs starting a whole new one.

      I agree it doesn’t look like the pictures, maybe with thicker yarn it could get closer but as Louise mentioned adding some additional rounds (I added 2 extra of the 54)the head had a much better shape and the ears I added and extra round of 18 to get them to curve better.

      As for the muzzle I kept the shape but stuffed with polyfil to give a more oblong shape. I also sewed the arms and legs on with yarn needle vs stitching them like the pattern says, honestly may not be as secure as incorporating them into the rounds but still worked well – and I decided on final placement.

      Luckily, the bear turned out cute, but not what the picture looked light without some help from the above posters!

  23. Nancy says:

    Easiest to follow instructions. Thanks for youshsring.

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