Amigurumi plush bear pattern

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  1. j says:

    does it say anywhere how to do the sweater.? I believe they omitted changing colors at the belly, and there is also no instructions where to place the ears. are they folded in half

  2. Sherri says:

    What size are the eyes?

  3. Laura says:

    No where does this pattern say HOW MUCH of each. Plot yarn to get, not dies it tell you how to put it together! 😳🙄👎🏼

  4. Kate Walsh says:

    Pretty unprofessional to leave a pattern incomplete.😑 Does the WHOot publisher know this is incomplete? I think they should know since they are a very popular blog! Cute bear though I’m one of this people who has to have everything spelled out for me or the project turns out bad.

  5. Janet Reid says:

    Thank you so much for this pattern. So cute, and so easy to make!

  6. Barbara Reid says:

    Having problems printing Plush bear pattern

  7. Crochetingmama86 says:

    I’m making this bear for my friends baby and for some reason, I cannot get the feet/arms correct. I’ve looked on YouTube to find any kind of video for help but sadly, I couldn’t find one. Is there any kind of a video tutorial on making the legs?

  8. Dorothy says:

    I’m beginner and I’m stuck:( I don’t konow how to start making a leg 🙁
    MR is easier.
    Is somewhere a video or photos that would make the work easier?

  9. Ailsa wood says:

    I am having the same problem with the legs and arms a video would be good

  10. Dorothy says:

    I made it! I made arms and legs. However, the formula is not described in detail. In the picture we can see that the ears are folded in half and then sewn.

  11. carol says:

    Quite a few patterns like this one, I am yet to read/tutorial on sewing up

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